Bedford St – Collingwood – earthy flavours

bedford street - poached eggs and green breakfast slaw

Bedford St – Collingwood – earthy flavours

The test of any breakfast cafe is their scrambled eggs, in my opinion. Usually, I order it with a side of mushrooms or tomatoes and it is a great taste test.

Today I am at Bedford St in Collingwood. I came here because the wait at my favourite cafe would be 20 minutes. And I often walk past this cafe and wonder what their food is like.

It seems like it is the kind of cafe to go to if you are looking for something a bit different. They have many Mexican inspired dishes on their menu. And from the look of other people’s meals, fried chicken features quite heavily.


My scrambled eggs came out poached. Not a good sign. I asked if they were sure they had the right table, but it seemed there had been a mistake. I didn’t send it back. It would be a waste of food.

The poached eggs were served on a thick slice of toast with a green slaw on the side. It was very salty and had an unappetising, earthy taste to the meal.

I could see others who had scrambled eggs and they looked fluffy and milky rather than silky.

As much as I am beginning to appreciate that life is better when you seek out the positives, I am just about out of patience today.

It is fun to experiment and try new cafes, but I am pretty sure I won’t come here again.

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