Vegetarian recipe remixes and plastic free July

prep for crunchy lentil gratin vegetarian recipe

Vegetarian recipe remixes and plastic free July

So, my remixing of vegetarian recipes was not all that successful this week. Mostly, I just found vegetarian recipes and cooked them. The first was a cauliflower mac and cheese, which while tasty, had a lot of cheese in it. It is still nice comfort food though. If you decide to make this recipe, don’t skimp on the chives and basil garnish. I often skip the garnish because herbs are so expensive, but without it, this dish was a bit bland. It also made my joints hurt the next day, so not ideal.

ricotta and cauliflower mac and cheese

I cut the recipe in half so I am planning to make this cauliflower orrecchiette with the other half of the cauliflower this week.

The other vegetarian recipe that I tried this week was a crunchy topped lentil gratin. Don’t be fooled by the picture in the recipe. The finished product looked nothing like that. The lentils turned into a mush, and it was pretty bland and tasteless. It also took a lot longer than an 1:10 hours to cook, as the water took longer than expected to evaporate. Definitely not my favourite.

prep for crunchy lentil gratin

Developing a library of vegetarian recipes

I want to try out new vegetarian recipes to gather together a collection that I can use over and over again. It would be good to have about 50 – 100 different foolproof, tasty recipes. So, I best hop to it!

Overall, I ate about 80 % vegetarian or pescatarian this week. I had four meals that had some meat in them, and this included pizza with friends. It was kind of unavoidable to eat meat in that situation. It is definitely good progress though, and I think that 17 meals out of 21 that were vegetarian is a great start.

Plastic free July

The other thing that I did this week is to buy a bamboo toothbrush. July is plastic free July, and it would be great to be conscious about using plastic this month. I didn’t realise it at the time, but a bamboo toothbrush was bought to reduce my use of plastic, so I am pleased.

plastic free july - bamboo toothbrush

What ethical choices did you make this week?

Stay tuned for more ways to reduce plastic this month.

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