Roasted oregano chicken – decadence and salad

plate filled with veges and salad and a little roast chicken

Roasted oregano chicken – decadence and salad

It is always so much fun to get a new recipe book and discover a new array of tasty treats for the first time. I have been eating out of the CSIRO Low Carb Diet book (one) for a few weeks now. I am still discovering new recipes that I have never tried before. It is so much fun, and brings so much quality to my life.

A roast dinner

Tonight I made Lemon oregano roast Chicken with rocket and tahini salad . It was so amazing. The salad dressing was SOMETHING ELSE. It brought so much to an already delicious meal.

rocket and tomato salad with tahini dressing

This was the second time that I have cooked this meal, after the first time, last night. Note well, porcelain is not flameproof. I got dodgy advice on the internet, and ended up smashing my porcelain baking dish into pieces. At least it wasn’t pyrex. Apparently that explodes, as well as shatters.

The recipe called for a flameproof dish to brown the chicken before putting it in the oven. After I had destroyed my favourite baking dish, I used a Le Creuset casserole dish, or similar and that worked well. I actually never thought that I would use that casserole dish after I got it for a birthday present, but I have used it twice since buying the CSIRO recipe book, and now I will need to go shopping for another lovely porcelain baking dish.

Five serves of vegetables a day

In any case, the roasted chicken and vegetables were delicious and it was so nice to see that only a quarter of the plate was taken up with meat, where 3/4 or more was taken up with salad and vegetables. I sincerely think that the CSIRO just want us to eat more vegetables, and I for one don’t mind one bit!

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