Pumping Pomegranate vs Sencha Peach – not my cup of tea

experimental pomegranate and sencha tea

Pumping Pomegranate vs Sencha Peach – not my cup of tea

It was so great to get two free cubes of tea with my Earl Grey and Chai at T2 this morning. There was a choice between Creme Brûlée (black tea with hazelnut and cream), Gorgeous Geisha (a mix of sencha with strawberries and cream) and Pumping Pomegranate. I chose two cubes of Pumping Pomegranate, because it is one of my favourites and I wanted to buy one anyway, so it was very serendipitous.


I just mixed one scoop of Pumping Pomegranate with one scoop of Sencha Peach, and brewed for about 2 – 3 minutes at 80 degrees. It is absolutely disgusting! Haha. The bitterness of the green tea, clashes with the tart flavours of the Pomegranate, and the peach flowers just further confuse the issue.

The brew’s flavour does develop over the course of a cup, but first impressions are definitely not enticing. Green tea really does have a kind of bitterness, or a chalky kind of aftertaste, depending on what it is mixed with. Next!!

Antioxidants a go-go!

Just got a BIT of a headache from all the antioxidants in this blend. Nice to give my body a bit a spring clean. Both good teas!

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