Roast chicken with brussels sprouts, artichokes and olives – CSIRO

roasting vegetables and chicken

Roast chicken with brussels sprouts, artichokes and olives – CSIRO

I am sharing this post because I feel like I want to cook with someone special. It is the sunset of a relationship, those moments before it disintegrates, perhaps, and I am holding on, to some kind of connection. Let’s cook!

csiro low carb diet book and glass of white wine

I am drinking white wine tonight. There was half a bottle left from the late autumn warmth, and it was such a beautiful day today. Cheers!

The chicken and Brussels sprouts are sizzling in my flameproof casserole dish. The idea is to brown the chicken and sprouts. Nice!

browning chicken and brussels sprouts

I had already made the almond, lemon crust, so all that I needed to do was prepare all the vegetables and chicken in the casserole dish, and cover it in foil to bake for 15 minutes, then 15 minutes without the foil.

roasting vegetables and chicken

I am also going to steam asparagus and dress it in this amazing red wine vinaigrette.

chicken and roasted veges

When I was plating it, it reminded me of those amazing French dishes with the pan juices and the beautiful Mediterranean flavours.

It was an intensely delicious experience. I hope you have / had a nice dinner too!

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