Dental health education – overall health benefits and care

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Dental health education – overall health benefits and care

It is exciting to find a new avenue to really take care of my health. Okay, so it took 2 1/2 years to make my way to the top of the waitlist, but it is surely worth it. The Government dental program, at least in Victoria, at least in Melbourne, at least in the City of Yarra, is superb.

Rather than getting a patient in, racking up as much work as possible and shoving them out again, as is the normal dentist procedure, the government dental program really addresses the causes of dental health and gives so much information about how to improve dental health.

Education about dental health

Today, I went to a dental health education session with a dental hygienist. It was about an hour long and we went through diet, teeth cleaning and oral health. In the past month or so, I have also been to a dental hygienist to get my teeth cleaned, and they will also address any cavities after this.

Did you know that it is not such a good idea to brush your teeth within half an hour of eating? This is because eating creates an acidic environment in your mouth, and this makes your teeth soften. When you clean your teeth in this environment, you brush off enamel, creating sensitivities in your teeth. Therefore you should wait between half an hour to an hour after eating for brushing.

Also, although it is great to brush twice a day, chewing gum after a morning or afternoon snack, can help to produce saliva and provide a barrier to nasties that can attack your teeth. Additionally drinking lots of water, especially after a cup of tea or coffee can reduce the acidity in your mouth and therefore the damage to your gums and your teeth.

For brushing, you should be brushing on your gum line and in circles at each small section of your mouth. 20 circles for each section at the front of your teeth and 20 circles for each section behind.

It really is incredibly inspiring and exciting, and even though I usually enjoy brushing twice a day, I am excited to really push my dental health into a new realm.

Dental health – overall health indicators

I have read that dental health can be a good indicator of overall health, particularly heart health, so I would encourage you to learn more about dental health and dental hygiene. It is disappointing how difficult this is to access for most of the population. It makes me want to found some kind of program for dental health in the general population, as it is my experience that most dentists just want to get you in, get as much work done as possible and then spit you out. It is not so good!

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