The quest to eat healthy at cafes and restaurants

green kale caesar salad from alimentari smith street collingwood - greens in salad box

The quest to eat healthy at cafes and restaurants

So, it is Saturday morning, and I have just made my first coffee of the morning, which I am drinking while I am still in my pyjamas, – sacrilege , hehe… 12 pm will be here before I know it, and I am considering where to go to grab a nice weekend lunch. But where to go, and what to eat?

During the week, it seems easier in some ways. I simply visit Alimentari‘s salad and soup bar. They have an amazing range of salads that change (fairly) regularly, and during the week, they also ladle from a big pot of soup on their heated countertop.

fennel slaw, carrot salad and greek bean salad

It is a little more expensive for lunch than some other places. Especially because I usually order both soup AND salad (small soup / medium salad, or large soup / small salad), for about $15 AUD, but the happiness that it gives me in the variety of flavours, textures and nutrition makes it feel all worth it.

Healthy and fun

It is definitely a healthy option, considering it is mostly vegetables. Healthy AND fun is definitely the ticket!! However, on the weekend, I am less inclined to visit their salad bar, because they don’t have soup and soup can make the meal more of an event. Also they have been changing their salads less often, which is generally fine, but I did not lose any kgs this week, and I think it is because the (delicious) broccoli slaw had quite a bit of apple and cranberries in it. I also ate a large minestrone, which would have some carbs too.

The weekend seems like the perfect time for eggs and other warm, savoury breakfasts. Alimentari do a fantastic job of this too, but I am less inclined for eggs lately. Mostly, I just want to eat vegetables for lunch. So, I am thinking of another healthy, yet tasty option for something delicious.

A plate of sides

Some cafes are excellent value and will happily serve you a plate of sides (without bread) for the cost of their individual prices. I am actually wondering if maybe some poached eggs, the best baked beans I have ever tried, some roasted mushrooms and spinach, might be a nice Saturday lunch.

eggs, bacon, beans, spinach and lemon


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