Health and fitness on the Sapphire Coast, NSW, Australia

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Health and fitness on the Sapphire Coast, NSW, Australia

It has been so nice to visit the Sapphire Coast this summer on a working holiday. It really is a VERY special place in the world. I am so lucky that my family lives and works in this area. To be true, I spent a lot of 2018, dreaming of the coast, so it is delightful to be able to spend a good chunk of time here.

Local fitness

I have found some opportunities for fitness in the local area. For example, there are some lovely parklands nearby for running, jumping and skipping. There is also a gym at a local indoor pool, which holds fitness classes. I would like to check some out. I also noticed a class of weights training on the edge of the lake, which looks super fun!

Local food

Also, there are such rich opportunities for foodie experiences on the far south coast. I am loving eating at favourite cafes and restaurants, and to see how they are holding up, since last I visited about a year ago. Some of them are THRIVING. Some, are not doing as well, which is unfortunate. I hope they will innovate with time.

A friend of mine from Sydney also visited the Sapphire Coast this holidays, and although we didn’t catch up, she had a lot of insight into what is special about this place. Bottom line is that food is healthier, and tastier because the water and soil is cleaner. I feel that is a significant feature of coast living that needs to be protected in this era of climate change and ecological deterioration.

Sleep cycles

Interestingly, I am noticing that I wake up so much earlier on the coast than in the city. I don’t think it is the presence of direct sunlight, but I do wonder if light pollution might be an issue. It is interesting, because it indicates to me that perhaps there needs some work in rehabilitation of natural environments in the city – it has been on my mind for a few. My two nieces have commented on the earlier wakening before too. We all get into an earlier sleep cycle. Perhaps this is because the light and environment are more in balance and our circadian cycle shifts to an earlier time.

Coffee on the coast

There are so many lovely places to soak up the atmosphere and to enjoy the environment here. I love the fact that there are a few more cafes and restaurants since last I visited (a year ago). In the city, it is nice to frequent different cafes and lunch spots based on the mood and desire at the time. My favourite is to go and sit by the lake and let my mind drift out to the lake at the Waterfront Cafe. It always nourishes my soul, I feel.

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