Home time for this mouse

fluffy clouds out of a plane window trip home

Home time for this mouse

Thank goodness for sleep. I just had one of those happiest of feelings, when I opened my eyes, and thought to myself: ‘Thank goodness, I am here!.’ It begs the question perhaps, ‘where was I before?’

I was on the beautiful bird coast just this morning. I was continuing to fail miserably at saving part of a family business there, and against my better judgment, I climbed up the stairs to a plane bound for home. It had begun to feel like 20 days was enough time to live in someone else’s space, and I was lacking a sense of productivity or efficacy there. So, home I am.

After all the nightmares, and all the scary thoughts. After so many nights sleepless, or with barely any sleep, it was so nice to wake up in my own bed today, with a view of my wardrobe filled with pretty colours, and a gentle breeze outside. 🙂

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