The cost of smoking in 2018

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The cost of smoking in 2018

Does anyone smoke cigarettes any more? I think some people do, and in Australia at least, they are paying through the nose for the privilege. Yesterday, I observed that a pack of 20 cigarettes cost the man in front of me at the bottle shop a total of $32.99. It is staggering.

If you smoked a couple of cigarettes a day, or a pack of 20 lasted you a few days then this might be acceptable. However, in my experience, it doesn’t work like that. One cigarette leads to another, and when us smokers smoke, our brains are calling out for the hit of dopamine ON REPEAT.

A pack of 20 might last the average smoker 1 – 2 days (if that), so buying cigarettes would cost them upwards of $200 a week. $200 a week is the entire grocery bill. $200 a week is half the rent on a one bedroom apartment in the city or a house in the bush. $200 is a LOT of money, week in and week out. It is $10,000 a year. Can you believe that? A trip overseas. Is it really worth it?

It is certainly not just about money though. Pay for the nose for an early grave. What is the upside?

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