Walking to the compost bin

two multicoloured lorikeets sitting on the balcony rail in the rain - with trees and rooftops in the background

Walking to the compost bin

It is quite HOT in Melbourne today. When I went for a walk this morning, I asked for COLD milk with my pot of tea (on the side). I think that was the RIGHT choice actually. Would you rather the cold or the hot? Hopefully we will still have a chance to walk the line between cold AND hot. It is going to take some work!

City vs country – nature inside

Since I have been going backwards and forwards to my parents place on the coast and my house in the big smoke, I have noticed a few things of note. Firstly, the wildlife in the city is a bit. . . not happening (basically). It just doesn’t have that same ‘balanced’ sound and quality as nature on the bird coast. My friends last night were suggesting that IN THE CITY, the kinds of birds that are attracted to that area are the scavengers, like pigeons and seagulls, because they like to feed off human waste (I guess). I thought it was interesting point and spoke to some people who live a bit more suburban side in Melbourne and they said that the bird life and greenery is magnificent out there!

Good uses for food waste

To be, to not be. The consumption problem is one of the biggest issues. At home (my parents home), I can walk out the back door and place my food scraps on the worm farm. But even there, the same problem arises, as to what to DO with the product of the worm farms? In the city, I walk a block and deposit my waste in a shared waste compost bin. It is thriving, I have to say, but I am not sure what Alyx, the person who is caretaking this compost is doing with it either!?

My idea is twofold. First, we need a big cycle of waste. It is good to divert food from landfill (to reduce methane gas), and it is good to use these food scraps to produce valuable nutrient resources. However, what is the best USE for this resource?

Tell me! What do you think? . . . Ideas?!S

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