Environmental reasons for eating more vegetarian food

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Environmental reasons for eating more vegetarian food

One thing that you might notice about eating more vegetarian food is that for the first little while at least, you might feel a bit more ‘hungry’ than usual. I put that word in inverted commas because while being hungry can be uncomfortable at times, at the moment it seems to me that a bit of hunger never hurt anyone. Obviously, the exception to this rule is the millions of people in the world who are malnourished. For people who perpetually do not have enough food to eat, hunger is a heartbreaking concept.

Intermittent fasting for longevity

My point is that while I am eating more vegetarian food for environmental reasons, I am fasting intermittently for health reasons. And so, I am learning to live with the feeling of hunger. This might seem like a questionable idea, but I keep seeing research pointing to the fact that intermittent fasting, such as a 14 – 16-hour gap between dinner and breakfast leads to improved longevity.

So, while eating progressively more vegetarian food can be uncomfortable at times, I do think that it is a positive thing for both environmental and health reasons. Also, I tend to believe that this ‘hunger’ that I am feeling from eating more plant food is actually very temporary and I will get used to it in time.

What motivates you to eat more vegetarian food?

Eating more vegetarian food is one of THE most important things any individual can do for counteracting climate change. Eating meat uses huge amounts of resources – land, water, food compared to vegetarian eating, and it is responsible for much more CO2 emissions. This is my biggest reason for doing it. I don’t want to end up in the situation where we end up putting spaceships up into the air to escape the world that no longer supports us. I know that is probably not plausible, but I don’t like the prophetic dream that I had the other night about it!

Flexitarian diet

Eating vegetarian food is also a lot less cruel. And meat eating is kind of gross when I have been avoiding it for a while. There is something a bit strange about eating an animal’s flesh.

Saying that I definitely subscribe to the flexitarian diet and still try to eat fish a couple of times a week. The whole point is to eat MORE vegetarian food, mostly vegetarian food. As much as possible!

Where are you at with your diet? How much vegetarian food do you eat each week? Would you like to try to eat more?

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