Si Senorita Fitzroy for fish tacos

coconut battered fish with red cabbage slaw and beetroot creme

Si Senorita Fitzroy for fish tacos

I wish that I could say that the second contestant for fish tacos blew me out of the water. In reality, the whole experience of dinner at Si Senorita on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy was very underwhelming. We were not sure how they got 4.5 stars on Zomato.

From waiting over half an hour for a round of drinks, to more than an hour to wait for food, and then a pretty average meal, it was not the best dining experience. We didn’t feel very inclined to leave a tip. I am sure they are cutting costs by only employing one waitress to take all the orders, make and run all the drinks, and likely one chef to make and run the food. It translates as a bit of a disaster.

The fish tacos were battered in a coconut batter with a red cabbage slaw and a beetroot cream. They were okay I guess. They were kind of cold. I was kind of starving by 9 pm, so perhaps I was not in the best frame of mind to judge.

To be fair, the waitress did work very hard and she was always friendly, even after being run off her feet all night.

In any case, the conversation was good, and it was nice to step into a bit of a cooler night. I stopped by Girls and Boys on the way home for gelato.

It is good to be out of there though! And now I am going to sit on my porch, on one of the first sweltering days of summer (spring?!) and let the cool air drift over my skin. I can’t think in this heat!

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